Mini By-Pass Trimmer Pruning Shears

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Small By-Pass Pruner shear, total length 135mm, is small in size. The upper and lower edges of the round blade are made of SK5 high carbon steel and chrome-plated surface technology, which makes the product less rusty and can effectively extend the product life. The round buckle design on the handle can be buckled by the index finger to prevent the pruning shears from falling.

Mini Bypass Pruning Shears are the most common pruning shears on the market. The upper blade is a sharp curved round blade. When used, the upper and lower blades will interlace to complete the cutting action, which is similar to the principle of scissors on the market. Similarly, the Bypass Pruner can leave a neater cut when pruning, reducing the damage to plants during use.

Product Feature

  1. ◆Blade: SK5 high carbon steel blade
  2. ◆Handles: Plastic handles.
  3. ◆Effort-saving spring
  4. ◆Safety lock function
  5. ◆Surface treatment: Chrome plating
  6. ◆Made in Taiwan

Detail Information

Size Total length: 135mm / Cutting Capacity: 12mm
Blades High carbon SK5 steel blades, chrome plating.
Handles PP plastic handles.

Blister card 12/120 PCS, 1.93’ 8.5/9.5KGS